Why do we need a local lottery?

Did you know?  Virtually every event and project undertaken in Herne Bay, from the development and upkeep of the pier to the restoration of the clock tower, Herne Bay Festival, Carnival, Airshow and a myriad of smaller projects have been funded by and organised by local community groups who have raised funds through business and individual donations and, in some cases, grants from national bodies and central government.  Alas funding is becoming more and more challenging and difficult to access.

That is why we needed to do something different to secure the vibrant events scene we already enjoy as well as fund-raise towards more ambitious projects which will help to ensure Herne Bay is a place where people find a range of good-quality, sustainable job opportunities and where our young people can thrive, develop and go on to be the future business owners, tradespeople and entrepreneurs in Herne Bay.

It’s an ambitious plan but, one which needs to happen in order to make Herne Bay a fun, vibrant, prosperous and safe place to live, work and visit for future generations.  It really is that vital.

The distinct message coming down from central government is devolvement of powers and decision-making to the community but that also means looking to us, the community, to raise the necessary money and find the required resources.

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