Grant applications are currently closed.  The next round of applications for level 1 grants will open on 1st August 2019 and will be allocated dependant upon the level of lottery monies received.

There are three levels of grant funding planned

  1. Level one – Up to £300
  2. Level two – Up to £1,500
  3. Level three – major projects and/or events

Level 1 and 2 grants

Each quarter, adequate funds permitting, 30% of the funds will be allocated to Level 1 grants, 30% to level 2 grants and the remainder to Level 3 grants.  If insufficient funds are available, priority will be given to Level 1 and 2 grants although this may change and be adjusted over-time as needs arise.  Herne Bay Coastal Community Team reserve the right to postpone grant allocations in any quarter if insufficient funds are available and, in this case, available funds will roll forward into the next quarter.

For level one and two grants, applications are invited from not-for-profit groups, organisations and charities, for projects or events which will take place and where the benefit will be realised within the CT6 postcode area and the following calendar applies.

Grant period Grants made Review board Applications close Applications open
 Autumn  30th September  9th September  31st August  1st August
Winter  28th February  14th February  31st January  1st January
Spring  31st May  14th May  30th April  1st April
Summer  31st August  14th August  31st July  1st July

Grant Review Board

The Grant review board comprises HBCC Trustees (3), members of the public (2), local councillors (2) and will meet to review applications no later than the 14th of the month in which grants are due to be paid.

Grant applications will be reviewed against the following criteria and weighted accordingly

  • Creates or increases visitor spend
  • Creates new visitor footfall
  • Creates good-quality, sustainable employment opportunities
  • Promotes or nurtures entrepreneurialism
  • Develops skills leading to greater employability
  • Develops artistic and cultural opportunities in deprived areas*
  • Promotes diversity, disruptive or creative thinking
  • Promotes civic pride
  • Improves the realm (must be measurable)

Level 3 Grants

Each quarter, funds permitting, 40% of the total fund pot will be saved towards major projects and events.  Annually, each March, donators and those entering the Community Lottery will be polled asking for nominations for “project or event of the year”.  These will then be shortlisted into a top three and the general public will be asked to vote on their chosen cause or causes.  Depending upon the sums of money available, it may be possible to contribute to more than one event or project.

*Deprived areas as defined at which fall within the top 30% in the UK and are within the CT6 Postcode area.

Grant application form

The form is now available to complete, however submissions for grant funding will not be accepted until 1st August 2019, any submissions for grants that are received prior to 1st August will be held and will be treated as being received on 1st August 2019.