It’s a win-win

Play the local lottery for just £1 a week, support your town and stand a chance of winning £25,000 each and every week plus smaller prizes of £1,000, £25 and £5!

*Players must be 16 and over

See FAQs for more information

The Herne Bay Community Lottery is a new, groundbreaking way to raise money towards community projects and events in Herne Bay within the CT6 postcode area and it is necessary because public funding by local authorities for anything other than essential services has dried up and that leaves our many community groups and event organisers starved of vital resources leaving each to try to raise funds in whatever ways they are able. Did you know that virtually all events such as the Herne Bay Festival, Airshows, Carnival etc. are all run and organised by local community groups?

We, the Herne Bay Coastal Community Team, are creating a pool of money which local groups and event organisers can access in order to make Herne Bay even greater over the coming years.  We have done this by partnering with lottery experts, Unity Lottery, who run the lottery on our behalf and give us access to their significant weekly prize pot of £25,000.  For every pound you stake, 50p comes directly into our dedicated lottery bank account for good causes and, of the remaining 50p, the lions’ share goes into the prize fund with a small amount being retained to cover administration costs.

All your questions answered

  1. Decide how much per week you can afford to play. Minimum £1 per week, maximum £20 per week.
  2. Each set of 6 numbers costs £1, you may have multiple sets of numbers if you wish.
  3. Decide how often you’d like to pay; minimum monthly, maximum yearly.
  4. Complete the Direct Debit form here and complete it online or download a form and submit it by post.
  5. In a few days, you will receive your lottery numbers by post.
  6. Sit back and watch the results announced every Saturday here

See FAQs for more information

The Herne Bay Community Lottery Fund has been established to provide much-needed funding for local projects, programmes and events and any organisation can apply for grants from the fund providing

  • The project benefits the CT6 community by either
    • enhancing the visitor experience
    • creating good-quality, sustainable employment opportunities
    • developing skills leading to greater employability
    • developing artistic and cultural opportunities in deprived areas
    • promoting diversity, disruptive and creative thinking
    • promoting civic pride
  • and the lead organisation
    • is strictly not-for-profit
    • holds a bank account in the name of the lead group
    • the bank account requires a minimum of two signatories
  • and the project or event has clearly defined outcomes.

We want to make it as easy as possible for local groups to access funding while at the same time, meet our compliance, legal and moral requirements to ensure monies will be spent wisely.

If your project or event meets these basic criteria then you can apply for grants here and find out more about how grant applications are evaluated.

Prefer not to play but would still like to contribute?  Click the donate button below.